Analysis Student Seminar Fall 2021

The Analysis Student Seminar meets on Mondays at 4:00 PM. In the Fall semester of 2021 the topic is “Random walks, harmonic functions, and boundaries at infinity”

Current Schedule

Aug. 25Yankl MazorOrganization; general overviewVarious
Aug. 30Yankl MazorIntroduction to random walks on groups;Chapter 1 of Lalley’s notes
Sept. 6Labor Day--
Sept. 13Yankl MazorSubadditive limits and random walksLalley, Chapter 2
Sept. 20Owen Mireles BrionesThe Carne-Varopoulos InequalityLalley, Chpater 3
Sept. 27Paul SweeneyAmenability and return probabilitiesLalley, Chapter 4
Oct. 4Yankl MazorHarmonic functions on groups and random walks pt 1Lalley, Chapter 5
Oct. 18Yankl MazorHarmonic functions on groups and random walks pt 2Lalley, Chapter 5
Oct. 25Willie LimEntropy and harmonic functionsLalley, Chapter 6


The primary source to start with will be these notes from Steve Lalley on random walks on infinite groups

A primer on probability from Greg Lawler: (

Other possible sources

See also:

Video sources